I really dislike pesticides...

Discussion in 'Pests/Pesticides' started by bellahpereira, Nov 3, 2014.

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    I have this issue when it comes to gardening/planting - I really dislike using pesticides. I know that sometimes it's completely necessary because there's nothing else that can be done, but I still don't do it. I have never used pesticides in my life and I doubt I will begin now. I think companion planting is an adequate way to be able to shy away from the use of pesticides, as the plants help one another keep bugs away. And when it doubt, I cut the fruit/plant right off instead of having to possibly infect the whole crop with pesticides. I'm quite concerned about them getting into the food and into my body.

    Does anyone else have a similar feeling towards pesticides? How about a fear/concern about the chemicals getting into your food? Or, do you think it's a necessary part of gardening and therefore do it anyway? I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this :)
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    I try to use resistant cultivars so I don't need to use pesticides. Of course, I will if needed. Many of the new products on the market are very safe compared to what was available in the past. There are also tons of organic pesticides available. For instance, you can use insect growth regulars (IGRs) which are pretty much like birth control for insects.

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